Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Trainers having a part in the slaughter

In Taiji, dolphin trainers have been seen assisting in the dolphin killings. They have been seen joking and laughing about it after a large number has been killed. Members of the zoo industry and international aquarium get in the water with the slaughters and tie ropes around the dolphins' tail flukes so that the fishermen could tie the them to their boats. The dolphins are so exhausted at this point, they can't even stay afloat. Many of the them have blood coming from their blowholes. The trainers don't seem to have pity for the dolphins. The fishermen then take the dolphins to the killing cove, with the dolphins' blowholes underwater. The dolphin trainers have tormented the dolphins for hours. Some are in shock, others are seriously injured, and they can't breathe. Now, the dolphins are going to be killed. Even pregnant females and young calves won't be spared. The dolphin trainers, who are supposed to "love" dolphins, don't even make an effort to save any of them.


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  2. This is really surprising. I really didn't think trainers, having such an intimate relationship with the animals chosen for interaction programs, would participate in such barbaric acts. This is just another reason not to participate in Caribbean interaction programs. Nice job getting the word out Haley.

  3. Thank you Professor K. Maybe they participate because they know that the slaughter is the reason that they are trainers. If the killings stop, the captivity program will stop. If the captivity program stops, they won't make money anymore. Just another money-hungry act. It's all about money. Money drives the whole industry in Japan. Why does money have to be more 'important' than than the life of animals.