Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer Swimming Lessons

As you know, I really want to dive with sharks and dolphins someday. Unfortunately, I am not a very strong swimmer and I have to be in order to dive. The good news is that my family and I moved recently, and my parents are going to try to find a good place for my brother and I to take swimming lessons over the summer. I really want to take them. If I take swimming lessons, I'll be able to hopefully take snorkeling and diving lessons someday. I'm not sure how long it will take for me to become a good enough swimmer to take snorkeling/diving lessons, but hopefully not long. I will update my blogs once I start the lessons.

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Monday, June 4, 2012

How I Think the World will Really End

Everybody has heard of the Mayan calender and the big deal about 12/21/12. I believe that all that is a bunch of BS. The Mayans lived in ancient times. It is impossible for them to have had any way of knowing how and when the world would end. Sure, their calender ends, but according to the NASA website, nothing bad is going to happen. I'm going to believe the modern technology of NASA over some five thousand-year-old calender. I know the world is going to end someday when my generation and many others are dead, and I have an idea about how it will end. I think we are going to destroy ourselves. How the world may end, however, could be related to the oceans and other ecosystems that we depend on for survival. As you know, humans are destroying the ocean and its inhabitants. Eventually, we will completely wipe out the important species of the world, including our ocean dwellers. Only invasive species will be left, destroying everything else. The plankton will be gone due to the overpopulation of fish, and we will slowly run out of oxygen and suffocate. Doesn't sound very pretty, does it? And that's if people don't start caring and striving to make a difference. I honestly don't want the world to end that way, but it is possible if we don't make some important changes. We need future generations to be aware of these problems. Most adults and seniors can't really do anything right now. We need children. More children like me to make sure that destruction of the oceans doesn't happen. Kids need to be educated. I need more people to join me in my fight. I really hope that future generations won't have to see the world end that way, but we can't just sit here and whine and feel sorry for ourselves. We must get up and do something to save the most beautiful, complex ecosystem on our majestic planet.

This post is also on my blog, Sharks Need Help!!!

A Newly Discovered Excuse

I have recently discovered a new excuse for dolphin and whale killing. It seems to some people (including some scientists and biologists) that if a species is not endangered, that murdering them is okay. I have read things on the Internet saying that slaughter is not a problem for certain species because their population isn't low. Whether a species is endangered or not, killing is killing; it is cruel no matter what. If you kill enough, they will eventually become endangered, just like others. Then the endangered species will become protected, and the killers will move on to another species with a steady population. Slaughters will go on and on until we eventually wipe out our oceans. Obviously, the dumb biologists who think it's okay to slaughter one species after another don't understand the eventual consequences and devastation. I am not going to be a biologist like that advocates killing.

Humans aren't endangered (actually, our population is probably too high), but they were once being massacred in huge numbers (most recently during the holocaust circa WWII). If humans were currently being slaughtered like ocean creatures, people would go crazy and everybody would want to stop it. If an animal has a high population, all people can think is, "well if just a couple hundred are killed every day it's okay," but that's not true. It's not okay. The world is messed up, and there will always be evil, but the amount of evil can decrease if we have enough people who care.