Tuesday, June 28, 2011


The whole act of murdering innocent creatures is heartless. There are some very heartless acts in the Taiji slaughter. Trainers can do some of the cruel things. Here are some incidents:

Trainers have been seen participating in the brutality.

Once, there was a pilot whale calf that swam over two low placed nets. The pilot whale's mother immediately joined the calf. The two could have easily fled, but stayed close to the their still trapped pod members. A trainer had noticed that they had escaped and alerted the fishermen. Aided by the trainer, the fishermen brought out their boats and chased the pilot whales back into the net. The entire pod was killed and butchered the next morning.

When all of the dolphins are caught, trainers come to the scene to inspect them and help the slaughterers drag them to shore. They only take the ones that are not too old, too young, the wrong sex, or have too many blemishes. The ones who do have flaws are not worth saving to them, even pregnant females, so they let the fishermen kill them. They don't bother to inspect the very young calves either, for they are too young to be put into shows. Using ropes and physical force, the trainers separate the mothers from their babies. They haul the mothers to the rocky beach to inspect and measure them. The calves cry for their mothers, but they are doomed. They will not be spared but killed just as viciously as all of the others, no matter what age. The dolphin trainers don't care about them. But if a mother doesn't meet the expectations, she will die with her calf. If a dolphin breaks or dislocates a pectoral fin, they are worth nothing to dolphinariums. Thus, only the 'perfect' dolphins are worthy of being in shows. A dolphin can't help it if it's in it's senior years, just a baby, or if it has scars on it's body. They don't deserve to be killed because they have 'flaws'. I also feel bad for all of the ones who are taken to dolphinariums. They are taken away from their family and are smart enough to wonder what's happening to them. I'm sure that mothers are worried sick if they're taken from their babies.

Now, I have decided something. Dolphin trainers in Taiji are not trainers because they love dolphins. They are trainers because they love money. If a dolphin makes them money, they like it. But if there's one that isn't worth anything,  they could care less about it.


  1. The trainers are despicable. I have an idea...if there were a $100,000 fine for each dolphin killed it might stop the slaughter.

    Something has to be done to take the monetary motivation out of the equation. As long as the slaughter is profitable, it will go on. I really wish the Japanese government would get involved and pass some laws forbidding the slaughter.

    Thanks for the information Haley:)

  2. I agree that the trainers are despicable. The $100,000 fine would be great if the fishermen and trainers would do it. I am sure that they would refuse. Something does have to be done. The Japanese government does nothing about it.
    The world has seen what's happening and what once used to be a dark secret isn't a secret anymore. The world is watching, but they still don't stop.

    The ones who can't stop the slaughter right now are the ones who are taking an effort to help. The ones who CAN stop it right now are the ones who are doing nothing. The Japanese government could tell them to stop right now, but they don't. The ones who care are the ones who are doing something, but they can't tell Taiji what to do like the government can. We'll just have to continue working to put a stop to the senseless brutality. It will very, very slowly stop over time, but it needs to stop NOW.