Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ridiculous Website

Check out this ridiculous website I just found (click on "Anti-D Resources" on the left-hand side to see more ridiculous sites). Tell me what you think.


Sunday, July 29, 2012

Viking Shores Review

I should have posted this long ago.  I'd like to give you a review of the Whale Wars spin-off, Viking Shores, that I told you about a while back (see http://theyneedavoice.blogspot.com/2012/04/whale-wars-spin-off.html for original post). I watched all five episodes with my Dad, and I believe that it started very good. The first couple episodes were exciting, but by the third it began to get boring. At the end of each episode, it would show a "Next time, on Viking Shores," and they would make you think there was going to be lots of action in the next episode. Then in the next episode, there wouldn't be any action and it would show the same "Next time," that the previous episode did. Starting in like the third one, it just kept showing and explaining the same stuff over and over again. My dad and I just wanted to see them to try stop a Grind like they kept showing on the "Next time," clip. We got to where in the last two episodes we just forwarded through most of it. Finally in the last episode, it showed a little bit of action with them trying to stop a Grind. It was nothing like we were expecting though. They did stop one Grind, but at the very end of the episode, it had a message on the screen saying that shortly after the sea shepherds left, there was a Grind where like 250 pilot whales were killed. Such a happy ending, isn't it? My dad and I were both disappointed with the show overall. We agreed that it was just way too stretched out and could have been better if it was shorter.