Saturday, April 30, 2011

Learn More

Do you like my blog and want to learn more about dolphins and their worst enemy? Then here are a few things that can help you learn more:

You can purchase The Cove at and on The Cove is also available on Netflix.

Another great site to visit is where you can donate and receive gifts for your donation (including a DVD of The Cove), sign petitions, link to the facebook page and much more  

Whale Defenders of Germany ( talks all about the Taiji dolphin hunt and the Faroe Island pilot whale hunt. You don't have to live in Germany to get education from it. It's just located in Germany. It also has a video of the Pilot Whale slaughter.

Go to for information about the film

Go to for lots of interesting information including the movie trailer (the video on the opening page) and blog

Another great website is

Go to for an introduction and very interesting interactive world map (click on 'hunting hotspots') that shows where all cetacean hunting takes place. Click on 'sign the petition' down towards the bottom for a link to the petition. and have a lot of great petitions on every topic

Wikipedia has a whole page on dolphin drive hunting around the world, as well as a whole page on Japanese whaling and another page on Faroe Island whaling.

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