Thursday, April 21, 2011

Great News for dolphins in the Soloman Islands

For the last 450 years, dolphins have been killed in the Soloman Islands. But, none have been killed in the past year, for villagers have agreed to stop the slaughter! Estimated, 2,000 dolphins were killed annually, but this year, they are safe and unharmed. The meat was always eaten and the teeth were used as a form of money. But dolphins are still being captured for dolphinariums, but activists are seeking an end to that as well.


  1. Haley, I am also very happy that the Solomon Island slaughters have been stopped. I just hope that it's a permanent halt. I applaud you for being an activist at a young age. As a biomedical scientist, I can assure you that consuming dolphins is very dangerous. The mercury content is very, very high. I really hope that people across the world will continue to learn the importance of preserving the oceans. Life as we know it will not exist if we continue to disrupt marine ecosystems and food chains. We obviously need to eat as humans; however, killing dolphins to use their teeth as currency, eating toxic flesh and killing sharks for a tasteless soup are all very irresponsible. Everyone out there should listen to Haley!!!

  2. Thank you Professor K. I am very glad that you also understand the concern of mercury poisoning. That is one more reason not to kill these wonderful creatures.