Saturday, April 23, 2011

Japenese Fishermen in Taiji can't be trusted

Japanese fishermen in Taiji say that The Cove is now factually incorrect. They used to kill dolphins by slitting their throats, but they say that they have a new way of killing dolphins, that they now kill them fast and humanely (similar throat slitting techniques have still been reported in 2006, long after it was banned). But, it is all a lie. Video was shot on January 17th that clearly shows that there is nothing quick and humane about the slaughter. The dolphins even try to jump up on rocks to escape. Fishermen drive metal spikes in the back of the necks behind the blowhole. The Japanese Fisheries Agency say that this kills the dolphins instantly. Many other sources say the same. The footage shows not. It shows dolphins struggling in agony for long minutes. More than forty dolphins were killed that day, and the footage proves that these fishermen cannot be trusted.

Even though that The Cove has been viewed by Japanese audiences and the worldwide pressure to stop the slaughter grows, Japan continues the killings of dolphins.


  1. I agree. They cannot be trusted. In my opinion, it really doesn't matter how they kill dolphins. They should NOT be killing dolphins at all. We need a group of thousands of protesters to go to Taiji and attract international media attention. That may stop the killings.

  2. I agree that they shouldn't be killing them at all either. Even it did kill them instantly, they're still being killed. The fishermen say that they are proud of what they do. If they're so proud of the slaughter, then why do they try to hide it from everyone? It doesn't make sense.

  3. It makes me sad that there even have to be protests to try to stop people from killing innocent creatures.