Monday, January 9, 2012

Haley's Voice

Haley's voice for marine mammals is really getting loud. I'm very proud of young people who are passionate about preserving the precious ecosystems in our world. The delicate balance of our oceanic ecosystem is in obvious jeopardy. I encourage Haley and blog fans to read and learn about other seemingly less significant organisms (less than cetaceans and sharks) whose preservation is critical to maintaining the balances necessary for the long term survival of the sea as we know it.

That being said, we must all remember that nature is cruel and the only thing inevitable in evolutionary processes is change! Most things will change no matter what we do; nonetheless, we must do what we can to curb self-destructive human behaviors!


  1. Happy New Year Professor K and Dr. Haley! I look forward to your blog updates. Both pages you've created are very cool and have lots of good links and interesting information.

  2. Thank you very much:) Happy New Year to you too!