Monday, September 17, 2012

The Cove on Netflix

My family and I had Netflix on our Wii a while back but we cancelled it about seven months ago because we weren't really using it due to the dreadful quality. Although I never watched it, I remember browsing through documentaries and seeing The Cove (the first time I watched it was on Animal Planet). Since canceling it on the Wii, we have gotten an Xbox. The quality of Netflix videos is far superior on the Xbox, so we recently decided to sign up again. One of the first things I searched for was The Cove. It had been around two years since I'd seen it, so I really wanted to view it again. However, THEY NO LONGER HAVE IT!!!! I was so mad. I'm now just thinking about buying it sometime in the future. I own Sharkwater as well as a four-disk set of ocean facts and photography, so The Cove would be a nice edition to my documentary collection.

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