Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Excuse I'm Sick Of

I said I would now be putting posts about dogs, and this post is a dog post. At my school, there is this girl who hates dogs and of course loves cats. She laughs when there are stories of them dying or being abused (such as a story of a puppy that was tied to the back of a car and then the person drove off, dragging the puppy). She refers to them as 'ugly, drooling things that always want more food' and says that it's good when they die. I have told her that they aren't like that, but she still says they are. I told her that I hate cats and I actually called her a dog hater to her face. But then she says that she loves poodles but hates dogs. To me, people like her who laugh when an innocent creature gets tortured are people who turn into animal abusers. Today, I found out why she hates dogs. She says that when she was three years old, she was bitten on the leg by a chihuahua. I am so freaking tired of hearing that excuse. "Oh, I don't like dogs because when I was young I was attacked by a dog". People need to understand that most dogs aren't like that. Some people are bad, but that doesn't mean all people are bad. It's the same thing with dogs! I told her that today that not all dogs are that way and all she said was, "you can tell me that all you want and I will never love a dog again". It is ridiculous! I hate that excuse! I understand people may be scared of dogs for a short time after they are attacked, but they need to get over it and learn that most dogs are sweet, loving creatures. If I was attacked by a dog, it would not make me scared of them. And if somebody wants to be scared of dogs, that's different from somebody in her case who hates them and gets a kick out of them dying. She is just stupid.

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