Saturday, December 3, 2011

"The Cove" app for Apple products

On Monday, out of curiosity I searched The Cove in the app store on my IPod touch. I was very surprised to see a five star, FREE app for the movie. I downloaded it immediately without hesitation. I didn't have it for five minutes and I fell in love with it. It features addresses to places in Japan where you can send letters to persuade the country to stop the slaughter, a fifteen minute version of the movie, a mercury calculator, and much more! If you have an IPhone, IPod touch, or IPad, you should download it. It won't be hard to find because it's the only app with the name! If you love dolphins and hate the slaughter, you will not be disappointed with the app. I know I wasn't.


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    1. Cool. Too bad I don't have an Apple device. Maybe someone will write an android app:)

  2. Hi Haley! I will download this app to my iPad.