Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Video Post for both of my Animal Cruelety Awareness Blogs

I know that I give links to videos both my blogs, 'They Need A Voice' and 'Sharks Need Help!!!'. I understand that some people would prefer to avoid them, but it is hard to make a difference when you don't know what's happening. Videos make me terribly sad, but the footage from The Cove was the first thing that I'd ever seen relating to my blogs, and it changed my life. Now, I'm an activist for my ocean friends that I've always loved. If you don't want to watch a video that I post a link to, please really try to gain the courage to do so. I didn't want to watch The Cove because I was worried about it depressing me, but my parents thought is would be inspirational for me. I never thought that it would change me, but it truly did. It made me cry, but sadness it sometimes what it takes to inspire people. I can still not stand to watch those Humane Society and ASPCA commercials, but those animals are getting tons and tons of help.

If you do choose to watch my video links, they will make definitely make you sad if you have a heart unlike all those scums that murder animals. And if they bother you a lot, don't just try to pretend that it's fake (something that I do sometimes) because sadly it is all too real.

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  1. It certainly has a more potent impact when you see the videos. Keep up the good work!!